We are beings of light - energetic beings.  Sometimes, though, you may not feel that way.  Different energies flowing within and around us affect us in different ways.  Even our thoughts influence our energy centers in opposite ways.

Chakras radiate and receive energy constantly.  If you think negatively or are surrounded by negative people and situations, your chakras become dirty with dense energy.  Dirty or blocked chakras cannot push through sufficient energy, which results in feeling sluggish and out of balance.

We have chakras for each issue that you think about.  Chakras for money, career, relationships, goals, lifestyle, family, future, aspirations and goals.

The key is keeping these energy centers free flowing.  You can do this by keeping your thoughts positive, but sometimes we need some extra help in keeping our chakras in good shape.


​Clearing, balancing and aligning the chakras - our energy centers of adverse effects are vital to our overall mental, spiritual and physical health.  


Use the guide below to learn the primary area of concern relating to the major chakras and the field of the body and color represented by that energy chakra.



ROOT CHAKRA - 1st Chakra - Color Red:  Finances, Career, Home, Physical Safety, Needs, Possessions

Location:  Base of the spine.

SACRAL CHAKRA - 2nd Chakra - Color Orange:  Cravings for physical pleasure - food, drink, sex, thrill-seeking, Addiction - drugs, alcohol, and other substances.  The body: habits, sleep, weight, health, and appearance.

Location:  Midway between the navel and the base of your spine.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - 3rd Chakra - Color Yellow:  Power area - fear of being, or desire to be, fear of authority figures. Control - being controlled by others, losing control, controlling yourself, situations, or other people.

Location:  Behind the navel.

HEART CHAKRA - 4th Chakra - Color Green: Love - divine, your higher self, romantic, platonic.  Attachments or codependency to people, dysfunctional relationships, obsessions about a person.  Forgiveness or unforgiveness toward

self or another, friend, family, group, organization.   

Location:  Center of the chest.

THROAT CHAKRA - 5th Chakra - Color Skyblue:  Speaking your truth to yourself, loved ones, clients, customers.  Communication:  involving singing, writing, speaking, teaching.  Asking for needs to be met.

Location:  Adam's apple area.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA - 6th Chakra - Color Indigo Blue: Reluctance to clearly see what is in store for you.  Fear of using psychic abilities.  Fear or desire to see angels, spirits, apparitions.

Location:  Just above the area between your two eyes.

CROWN CHAKRA - 7th Chakra - Color Purple:  Relationship with God or Creator.  Negative experiences with formal religion, feeling regarding direction from the universal source.  Unwillingness to receive or trust information from unseen or etheric plane.

Location:  Just above the top of the head.