Creating sacred space + Incense alter

What Exactly is an Altar and Sacred Space?

Altars are used all around the world in just about every culture, religion, and spiritual practice. They act as sacred platforms for ritual, to hold sacred tools upon, as energetic amplifiers, and as vessels for spirit and energies to work through. It is a place that will become very sacred to you in your own unique way. It is a way of honoring incense, the plant kingdom, the spirit world, and any spiritual or religious path that you may be on. It truly does not matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs are, your incense altar can act as a home base to your prayers, sacred songs, religious practices, and of course, burning of incense. It is your own completely unique altar, a sanctuary for nourishing your soul.

Many people who don't already have a spiritual practice say they believe in a higher power of some sort, but they aren't quite sure how to connect with that higher power or their higher selves. I believe that whatever your faith or belief may be, incense is one of the most powerful and widespread gateways to the spiritual side of every human. Just about every culture, religion, and faith around the world have utilized incense in one form or another to connect more deeply with their own spiritual nature, and most of these cultures burn incense on some sort of sacred altar.

The ancients knew of the countless ways that plants can strengthen our sacred connection to spirit and the Divine. Whether to create sacred space with plumes of gentle smoke, to enhance meditation by quieting the mind and relaxing the sympathetic nervous system, to call upon spirits, deities, and gods, to induce trance-like states, or to accompany prayer, incense certainly has its place as a strong ally to each of us if we just make the time. And what better time than now to create a sacred space in your home or in nature to nourish your connection to your deeper self and to Spirit.

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